The Company

The pcmedic, trademark of “Higher Functions, Lda.”, is a portuguese company founded in 2002. It excels in the Technical Support to the End User of the Information Technology Systems, be that in residential or corporate context.

With a team of over 150 specialised technicians that compose the pcmedic Community, we provide a technical support that is smart, personalised and efficient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all over the country. Our history illustrates our evolution in this area, as well as proves our unique position in all the markets that we are in.

In order to reach every person or company that needs our services, we work in partnership with the main Distributors and ISPs in the several countries that we are present. Our mission is consolidate and enhance the quality of the Information Technology Services to all our clients. We are defined by our sharing of technical-human resources through parallel projects and with the centralisation of knowledge and excellency.


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The pcmedic concept was conceived to address a well-known gap in the services market: IT End User Tech Support. The company was created to provide a service based on excellency and total availability to everyone who uses an IT device.

For this purpose, pcmedic was established by three ambitious technicians, investing since the very beginning in the development of the internal technological solutions that are, to this day, the foundation of all that pcmedic represents.

In pursuit of this project, we opened our first Tech Laboratory in Lisbon, Portugal.

With more employees and laboratories, pcmedic is able to expand and open a new contact centre in Lisbon.

Two new partnerships are established: With Luma, to provide IT Support to Sonae's clients - through Worten and Vobis stores - and with Grupo PIE (the PIE Group?). Also, we started developing our own CRM Software, thus allowing us to communicate with our clients in a much faster and more efficient manner.

New synergies are created with FNAC, Exame Informática Magazine, the Jerónimo Martins Group, chip7 and ACP, resulting in a relevant growth in our action plan. Thanks to these new partnerships, the number of remote interventions surpass 40 thousand, with an immediate - remote - solving rate of 66%.

Constantly expanding and growing, pcmedic starts an exclusive partnership with ZON and ARTelecom in order to provide IT Support to their clients both through phone/remote and on-site support.

In this year, pcmedic starts providing around-the-clock tech support to all its clients. More than 6 thousand on-site interventions were provided, with an astounding 98% satisfaction rate.

New partnerships also come into play, with Staples, BRC, BIT Magazine and Pavilhão Atlântico. Overall, more than 250 thousand interventions (remote and on-site) were provided, with a global immediate solving rate of 82%.

pcmedic restructures its services, adding unlimited Remote Support to pcmedic Lite and creating pcmedic Total Care, offering unlimited access to all of our services through the payment of a monthly fee.

This was also the year we opened a new 800m2 contact centre in Covilhã, which housed our entire operational workforce, after establishing a new partnership with IEFP.

In this year pcmedic invested on its brand image renovation, updating and restructuring its online presence through an updated website and creation of social network profiles.

More than 500 thousand remote and 11 thousand on-site interventions were provided. New partnerships were established with Cabovisão e Portugal Telecom.

In 2011 we created our Business Department, providing a unique solution to small and medium-sized companies.

A new partnership was also established, with Optimus - a top portuguese CSP - through its branches Clix, Kanguru and Optimus Negócios.

In 2012 our main focus was in the consolidation of processes, technological restructuring and services integration. This move was a serious investment in excellency as the groundwork for the international expansion.

2013 marked the very beginning of pcmedic's internationalisation. With ongoing operations in Spain and San-Tome e Principe, we worked hard to create the foundations to expand to other European as well as Portuguese-speaking countries.

In 2014 we established the greatest electronic repairs service in Portugal, with collection and delivery across all the Iberian Peninsula, covering brown, grey and white lines. It was also a year marked by the huge achievements of 2 million customers and 5 million repairs!

Portugal became a technological partner to a consortium of 7 European institutions working on the QTLeap project (, a 3-year long project co-organised and financed by the European Commission. It was also the beginning of a strategic long-term project called "PCM Wizard".

pcmedic's partnership with Portugal Telecom / Altice was strengthened, focusing on exporting our national concept to the group's companies.

A new project,, was set in motion. It's a large scale project directed at small and medium-sized companies, where we offer our services as a low-cost, modular IT insurance policy.

New strategic operational partnerships were established in Spain, allowing pcmedic to provide its technological services in the entire Iberian Peninsula, 24h/7d - remote, on-site and logistical support for laboratory repairs.

pcmedic became a promoter for a consortium which includes Faculdade de Ciências and Fundão's Town Hall, which was awarded European financing for a tech support project assisted by intelligent algorithms with self-learning capability (Artificial Intelligence). Another great step for the PCM Wizard project, which aims to make pcmedic's tech support available to the whole world.

The QTLeap European project successfully comes to an end, achieving its objective of creating the world's best automatic translation algorithm in a technological context.

The Central Laboratory (in Fundão) was rearranged and optimised spatially and technologically, making it one of the biggest and best prepared electronic repairs laboratory in Europe. This year, pcmedic accomplished 20 thousand highly complex physical repairs.