Phone Support

The pcmedic’s Phone Support represents its first approach in order to solve technical problems. Using this method, we are able to reach a quick solution if it exists. Even when it’s necessary a House Call or Laboratorial Intervention to solve a problem, the Phone Support allow us to screen the situation for a better understanding and allocation of resources, guaranteeing the problem’s solution with the excellency that characterises pcmedic. We have more than 100 specialised technicians awaiting your contact. They will do everything possible to give you a complete and efficient support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Phone Supports is not limited to a simple conversation; it is also possible to Remote Access the device that need our intervention if the client and the technical conditions allow it, making the steps towards the problem’s resolution faster and effective. This Remote Intervention will be entirely supervised by the client that will be always in verbal contact with our technician. For more informations about pcmedic solutions, please read the Terms and Conditions of our service.

We have available for you three solutions that includes free unlimited Phone Support, the pcmedic Lite, pcmedic Total Care and pcmedic Corporate. If you are not a pcmedic client — or a client of one of our partners — click here to visit our Solutions page, where you will have all the information needed to become our client.