Remote Support

To use our Remote Access Support, call us and follow the technician instructions. It is absolutely necessary to maintain the phone call active during all operation.

Terms and Conditions of pcmedic’s Remote Access

pcmedic’s service through remote access provides technical support through a network access to a remote device in order to solve technical issues. Its scope is basic software, including operating system. This service is only available to registered pcmedic customers. This service excludes file backup&restore and file recovery processes. pcmedic is reserved the right to opt not to provide their services when abuse or illegitimacy, in any shape or form, is verified. pcmedic’s service will not take part in any unlawful acts of software piracy or practices to this end. By accepting these conditions, the customer declares that all the software installed on their device is original and that they possess the respective seals of authenticity. For the tasks covered under this remote support service, as of now the customer approves remote access to their device by a pcmedic operator, provided that this service will only be possible as long as the customer’s I.T. structure possesses the necessary technical conditions. Considering that the customer can accompany the steps taken locally and decide not to continue with the remote intervention at any given moment, the customer is responsible for every task performed during the remote intervention to their device, except in case of technical negligence by the operator. The customer is also entirely responsible for the steps taken before and after pcmedic’s intervention. pcmedic will not be responsible for problems created or made evident during the remote intervention, if they originate directly or indirectly from existing hardware or software problems. Issues created by ill use of the device may compromise the access to this type of support. pcmedic’s Technical Support is obligated to provide the means to achieve results, not the results themselves, thus excluding all responsibility for not solving an issue due to reasons beyond its performance. The customer declares themselves exclusively responsible for the legality, content, use, origin and legitimacy of the data present in their device, being entirely responsible for safekeeping it before pcmedic’s intervention. pcmedic’s remote intervention involves the risk of data and/or equipment loss, and we are not responsible for such loss except in case of technical negligence. The remote access intervention may be recorded in digital format in order to maintain the customer’s/technician’s safety and service quality. The statutory rights as a consumer won’t be affected by these terms.


I´ve read and accept the pcmedic terms and conditions