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    Wednesday, 11-May-2016 | By Sandra Ferreira

    Mr. Carlos Ramos’ service was more than excellent, congratulations and thank you.

    My regards, professionals like these are worth it.

  • Quality praise

    Wednesday, 11-May-2016 | By Horácio Luís de Jesus

    Dear Sirs,
    Regarding Ricardo Baptista – your technician

    A few days ago I had a problem with my computer and presented my case to a few specialists who couldn’t repair it. I called my CSP, who pointed me in your direction. I was helped by the aforementioned technician, whom I don’t personally know. With his vast knowledge, interest, and peculiar way of providing his service he managed, through the telephone, to use his know-how, which worked, and my computer is fully operational. With this comment, I would like to praise the aforementioned technician for his quality as a professional and his interest. This kind of service quality is what allows companies to move forward, thus I congratulate you.

    My best regards,

  • Providing Technical Support

    Monday, 9-May-2016 | By Jaime Teixeira

    Dear Sirs

    Because I faced issues with my computer that prevented me from receiving email, I resorted to the support service being answered by Mr. Daniel Saraiva.

    The way the problem was eliminated, the explanation provided for its cause and how to prevent similar occurences in the future deserve my deepest appreciation for the referred technician’s behaviour. Thus, by making this known, I present my thanks for the good service provided by pcmedic.

    Kind regards

  • Remote support

    Monday, 9-May-2016 | By Jorge Santos

    I’d just like to praise a professional who provided me with ESSENTIAL help with an OUTLOOK problem, MR. JOSÉ MARTINHO – Unrelenting – I had already given up and Mr. José Martinho tried time and again, explored EVERY solution and managed to recovered my Outlook calendar (PST file) which was corrupted – WHAT A PROFESSIONAL!!!
    I am deeply thankful —

  • Thank you

    Thursday, 14-Apr-2016 | By António Manuel Barra Martins

    Good evening,

    I needed your services to solve a problem with my smartphone, so I called you today at around 20:00 to the number provided by my CSP.
    I’d like to thank you for the way I was dealt with by your call center employee, Mr. Fábio Carapito.
    What brought me to you was solved and I want, without a doubt, to emphasise the qualities of the employee mentioned above.

    My regards,

    António Manuel Barra Martins

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